What to Pack for a Cruise Holiday

20 January 2017

A cruise holiday is a beach holiday and regular holiday rolled into one super-fun vacation. But that means your packing needs a proper strategy and some thought so you’re prepared for both lounging on the sun-deck and exploring different ports and going out for excursion. Here are some packing dos and don’ts that will help:

* Most cruise liners allow only two checked in bags per person. Make sure you pack keeping this in mind. Of course, airline check-in policies also apply as you’re likely to fly into your first port.

* There’s going to be a lot of soaking in the sun and afternoons spent on lounge chairs, so don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and a hat.

* A pair of binoculars is your best friend at sea. How else are you going to see spot dolphins, glaciers and the gorgeous views around you in general?

* Formal clothes for the Captain’s Welcome and Farewell Receptions. It’s one thing to stand out, but sticking out like sore thumb in your shorts and sundress is an unforgivable sin on board.

* Comfortable clothes and shoes for your port excursions. Chances are there’ll be plenty of walking and sightseeing involved, so come prepared.

* Don’t stuff your bags with food or toiletries, unless you’re finicky about a particular brand. Both are available in plenty onboard. As are hairdryers.

* Medicines, batteries, ear plugs on the other hand, can be very expensive on the ship. If you’re used to travelling with these, don’t forget to pack them in advance.