The Ultimate Ocean Cruise Destination Guide

31 December 2015

Picking the right places for your ocean cruise holiday is not just about the cruise liner and destination – it’s the experience that counts! Read all about our top picks of the world’s best places to set sail in. 


The last frontier is everything that you’ve heard of and seen in pictures, only a zillion times better. The star attraction of an Alaskan cruise is the dazzling glaciers - College Fjord, Tracy Arm fjord, Hubbard Glacier and Glacier Bay National Park. Stay prepared for encounters with the wild as you spot whales, sea lions, otters and bears! For the more adventurous, Alaska offers rafting trips, helicopter glacier tours, rock climbing and snorkelling!


If there was a popularity contest among cruises, the Caribbean islands would win hands down! It’s difficult to go wrong with crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, exciting water sports, and duty free shopping. Head to St Maarten’s Front Street, Grenada’s St George Harbour or the Venezuelan village of Tacuantar for the best finds of local crafts. If you prefer fascinating history and tales from the yore then the ancient Mayan city of Tulum, Altun Ha ruins near Belize city and the legends of Aruban gold and  Jamaican voodoo are just the things for you. Just want to enjoy the sights? Descend into Harrison’s Caves on Barbados, gape at Martinique’s fog enshrouded Mt.Pelee volcano and take in the best view from atop Tortola’s Sage Mountain National Park, the highest peak in the British Virgin Islands.

South America 

Oh-so-sensational is the only word to describe the continent of South America and its adventurous, mysterious, lively and exciting life. A heady concoction of romantic Rio, the intriguing Amazon jungle, the enigmatic Machu Picchu and the ever-fascinating Galapagos Islands, make the South American cruise unlike any other. Cruise the dramatic coastline of Chile, Ecuador and Peru where the stunning Andes are never far from sight. Delve into the mysteries of Amazon River where each mile is more colourful than the last. But for a real adventure, sail the most feared waterways on the planet, Cape Horn. Enveloping towering glaciers and fjords, the forested coastline springs up whales, penguins and condor vultures with enormous wing span!


Tahiti & Bora Bora

From the legendary beauty of French Polynesia’s Bora Bora to the paradise-like beaches of Tahiti – Pacific Islands are the stuff dream holidays are made of! Honeymooners have been fawning over its white beaches, waterfalls, tropical rainforests and cocktails under the sun since the beginning of time. Dive deeper to find mind-numbing diversity of brightly coloured reef fish in all shapes and sizes. Daily activities on your cruise in these waters include jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, canoeing, diving, shark feeding and snorkelling.



Pure, white, endless, enormous, the grandeur of Antarctica is the experience of a lifetime. Everywhere you look, nature’s wonders will not cease to amaze. Massive cliffs with jagged peaks dropped straight into the sea, emperor penguins which live like they rule this world, seals, and spectacular sunsets – that camera button’s not getting any rest in Antarctica!