The To-Do List for Leh

5 August 2015

Though not off the beaten path anymore, there’s something life-altering about the beauty of Leh. Nothing prepares you for the first sights of the mountains stretching far and wide and dusty roads beckoning you towards adventures. The contrast of colours alone make Leh so enchanting -  the stark white desert, the deepest of blue lakes and picturesque monasteries heighten your senses to the beauty of your surroundings, forcing you to look around in sheer wonder. Though going berserk with your fancy camera and framing the perfect shot may seem like a reasonable way to spend all your time in Leh, there are a few other things that you should not miss out on.


Rent a bike

There’s no reason you shouldn’t feel the wind in our hair and take off on the roads on a powerful mean machine when in Leh. The long, winding roads framed by mountains are any bikers dream; even if you didn’t get here on one, Leh can make you turn into a free spirit.Though there are bike rentals that offer you Enfields and other bikes on demand, book your rental in advance to get your hands on some of the best bikes and deals in the valley.


Partake in a Ladakhi Festival

Leh celebrates a myriad of festivals throughout the year and its worthwhile planning your holiday to coincide with one. Dressed in colourful silk robes and elaborate masks, monks perform bewitching dance dramas commemorating their rich heritage and folklore. The must-attend festivals include Hemis (during the months of June or July), Thiksey Gustor Festival (during the month of October) and Karsha Gustor Festival (usually in July).

Visit Zanskar Valley

The journey to Zanskar Valley, perched between two alpine lakes, is an adventure itself. Once you’re there, the astounding landscape will immediately spur you into action. White water rafting in the summers is every bit thrilling, as is the famous Chadar Trek over the frozen Zanskar River, in the winters.


See the Pangong Tso Lake

Made famous by Bollywood blockbuster ‘3 Idiots’, Pangong Lake starts melting in the months of June – August and is ready to welcome summer travellers. Multiple hues of blue framed by the rugged mountains make for a spectacular sight, and you can share space with Brahmini Ducks and Black Siberian Cranes who fly off to the lake during the summer months.


Taste the Local Food

There’s nothing like a steaming hot serving of thupka or freshly made momos served with the characteristically spicy chutney in the freezing locales of Leh. Inspired by Tibetan cuisine, the local food such as khambir (regional bread) and butter tea are also a must-try. Don’t forget to bring back a bottle of the popular apricot jam; it’s easy to become a convert once you’ve tried it.