A Country Called Georgia

24 August 2015

Not to be confused with the Southern state in America, this Georgia is a full-fledged country, and a gorgeous one at that.

A country in the Eurasian region, neighboured by Russia, Turkey and Armenia, Georgia stands at the crossroads of Eurasian cultures and civilizations. Spread out between the Black and Caspian seas, the country has been blessed with a stunning natural landscape which outdoor enthusiasts immediately take fancy to. The picture postcard perfect scenery of mountains speckled with churches and watchtowers, and valleys enveloped in vineyards stake Georgia’s claims at being one of the most beautiful countries in the world. But Georgia is not banking on its good looks alone; hospitality is also the country’s strong suite. The country may as well put out a welcome mat for tourists - guests are treated with reverence reserved for gods and crime rate in the country is negligible. Believed to be the birthplace of wine (archaeologists discovered the world’s oldest wine producing methods here), Georgia can also give you a taste of choicest wines that its vineyards proudly grow. Before the glorious country goes mainstream, savour its gorgeous sights when there are only a few to share them with.


What’s there to… 


A mix of European and Middle Eastern cuisine, Georgian cuisine has several traditional breads, kebabs, cheese, and an assortment of vegetarian dishes. Khachapuri (cheese bread) is a staple you will find almost everywhere.



The capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi, is home to the charming and lively Old Town where museums, bars and cafes can fill many a blissful days.



The route between Georgia and Russia, known as the Georgian Military Road, makes for some jaw-dropping views of narrow gorges and towering mountains. The thrilling drive traverses through Jvari Pass, the highest point of this route, and Kazbegi, a spectacular village ideal for trekking, horse riding and paragliding.