Confessions of a Holiday Expert with Nishtha Jain

9 October 2015

Flight Shop's holiday experts share their travel tips, secrets and more...

Meet Nishtha Jain, Flight Shop’s in-house holiday expert and travel junkie. Catch her at our Gurgaon store in MGF Metropolitan Mall where she’s busy planning the next dream holiday and always up for a chat!
Your last holiday:
Piece of advice for anyone travelling to Mauritius:
Carry a water bottle and light woollens for trip to south Mauritius.
If you could live anywhere in the world:
A souvenir you treasure:
Pictures from all the places I’ve been
Next on your wishlist:
Euro trip!
Your secret weapon for delivering flawless holiday experiences:
Plenty of research. I look up the must-do’s for that place and make sure to recommend them
The strangest request from a client when making a travel booking:
A gentleman (I won’t give away his name) requested for 2 rooms to be booked in the same hotel – one for his wife and the other for his girlfriend!
The one place everyone should go once in a lifetime:
Galápagos Islands (Pacific Ocean)
A hotel amenity every traveller should ask for before booking:
Free Wifi
One lesser known place that makes for a great holiday spot:
Geithoorn Village in Netherlands
The best part about being a holiday expert is:
I get to design someone’s dream holiday and bring it to life!