Confessions of a Holiday Expert with Lisha Sangma

8 February 2016

Meet Lisha Sangma, Flight Shop’s in-house holiday expert, travel junkie and singing . Catch her at our Bengaluru store where she’s busy researching travel products to make dream vacations a reality.

1 -  Your last holiday was in:

        Sikkim & Darjeeling


2 -   Piece of advice/tip for anyone travelling to that place

         Always carry warm clothing and an umbrella


3 -  If you could live anywhere in the world



4 -   A souvenir you treasure

         Simple objects - coins, scarves, postcards, and above all, photographs from where I’ve been.


5 -   Next on your wish list (within India and abroad)-

         Waitomo Caves in New Zealand: it’s my dream to see thousands of magical glowworms above me.


6 -  Your secret weapon for delivering flawless holiday experiences-

         My passion for reading & researches on travel products gives me way.


7 -  The strangest request from a client when making a travel booking

         A solo traveller had requested to share a room with any tourist on a twin sharing.


8 -  The once place everyone should go once in a lifetime?

         Visit the Dead Sea & float :)


9 -   A hotel amenity every traveller should ask for before booking

          Free Wi-Fi


10 -  One lesser known place that makes for a great holiday spot

          The wisteria flower tunnel at Kawachi, Japan


11 -  The best part about being a holiday expert is

           Gaining trust from everyone and making their dreams come true.