All Aboard for Romance

15 December 2015

Ever since Jack serenaded Rose in the greatest love stories of them all, cruises have become the epitome of romance. Prompting an entire generation of lovers to stand at the edge of the ship, arms soaring into the sky, looking straight into the deep blue sea and catching the first light of day – romance at its finest! When it comes to romance, cruise holidays have the potential to put all other holidays to shame. You don’t have to go looking for romance aboard a cruise or luxury train, because love finds you in the unlikeliest of places onboard. Our guide to finding your own fairytale romance on board...

Find your kind of ship 

What’s your idea of love – fancy dinner date dressed in your evening best? Then pick an ocean cruise where luxury underscores every experience.  If you prefer a quiet meal away from the crowds, then the intimacy of a river cruise is more your style. Whatever you choose, don’t forget that a bottle of champagne makes everything better.


Discover secret spots  

Explore your ship a little to find its secret spots and hideaways, the rendezvous will spark romance like little else. Fire your imagination and lookout for promenades by the night, secluded corners of the sun deck, the front of the deck.


Room service benefits 

You’ll be surprised at how much more romantic breakfast in bed is, when you’re on a cruise. If you’re lucky enough to be staying on a ship with stateroom balconies, don’t hesitate to request for a private dinner. Most crews are very accommodating when it comes to special requests, especially if it’s your honeymoon.


Love comes calling at ports of call 

Don’t be afraid to ask your travel agent about how much time you’re going to spend at each port of call. Few things kindle romance like exploring a new, unknown city with your beau.  Make sure there’s plenty of time to get lost in the streets, enjoy a leisurely meal and lounge together on a secluded beach. 


A meal under the starry sky 

If there’s only one thing you can do on a cruise, reserve a table at one of the open-air restaurants and enjoy your meal under the watchful gaze of a starlit sky.  Gentle waves, dim moonlight and a vast sky are the perfect backdrop for a memorable meal.


Take a hot-water dip 

When has soaking in a hot-water tub not been romantic, you may ask.  When you’re jostling for space with other passengers during the busiest hours of the day! A good time to catch some private moments in the hot tub would be after dinner, when everyone else is retiring for the night.


Watch the sunrise 

Or the sunset, if you’re not the morning type! There’s no excuse for missing the sunset or sunrise when you’re at sea. While you’re at it, this is your chance to be Jack and Rose for the moment, it’s not every day you’re on a cruise holiday!



Packing Checklist for your cruise holiday

  • Most cruise liners allow only two checked in bags per person. Make sure you pack keeping this in mind. Ofcourse, airline check-in policies also apply as you’re likely to fly into your first port.
  • There’s going to be a lot of soaking in the sun and afternoons spent on lounge chairs, so don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and a hat.
  • A pair of binoculars is your best friend at sea. How else are you going to see spot dolphins, glaciers and the gorgeous views around you in general?
  •  Formal clothes for the Captain’s welcome and farewell receptions. It’s one thing to stand out, but sticking out like sore thumb in your shorts and sundress is an unforgivable sin on board.
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes for your port excursions. Chances are there’ll be plenty of walking and sightseeing involved, so come prepared.
  • Don’t stuff your bags with food or toiletries, unless you’re finicky about a particular brand. Both are available in plenty onboard. As are hairdryers
  • Medicines, batteries, ear plugs on the other hand, can be very expensive on the ship. If you’re used to travelling with these, don’t forget to pack them in advance.